Friday, September 19, 2008

Clique - IF - Keiko+Ojni

Bit of recycling (it's always a good idea). Bringing back a picture made couple of weeks ago on a collaboration with artist Ojni from Hungary.

I was really having a struggle with this week's word "clique". I was thinking it's a really negative word, it's a group of people that's exclusive, that others can't be part of. But with Ojni's help (köszönöm Ojni!!!) I now understand that this word can have a really positive meaning too. It can also mean very close friendship, that comes from sharing same interests, trusting and maybe admiring one another.


cserháti hajnalka said...

Yes! Vive l'amitié! Y a des exceptions... :)

Terve de ma part aussi!

Tessa said...

That is so sweet - and such a lovely, positive take on the word.

Asja said...

lovely illustration! i like bright colors!

studio lolo said...

This illo just glows with love!