Sunday, September 2, 2007

Alphabets - IF

Sorry about a rude picture. I'm in a bad mood today. For a good reason.
(This was done with Robotype and coloured in Photoshop.)


Dudley Redhead said...

sometimes attitude the beard.

Anonymous said...

lol i like it, very expressive and dont be sorry to express how u are feeling: michael dailey

Paul Bommer said...


was it the internet annoying you?
( all the www's in the beard!)

Keiko said...

Thanks a lot for comments!
I feel better already.
And no, internet was not the thing bothering me (I wish!)
I just liked the way wwww:s looked :)

Tracy said...

Very clever idea ... using those letters worked out great!

ego said...

HE! I could introduce your angry man to my characters. He could fall in love and cheer up!

Thanks for your comment!