Monday, May 7, 2007

Neighbour - IF

A neighbour from Mars


Anthony Carpenter said...

Cool design and colors.
He looks a little drunk. :)

Michelle Lana said...

Cute character!

mike r baker said...

Fun piece! You draw very well. I checked your other drawings - diverse styles but all very good!

Is this oil pastel?

Kstyles said...

Hehe!!! He does look a lil' drunk. Cute though.

Keiko said...

Heh heh,, I thought my green neighbour was just a little confused, but I think you're right - he DOES look drunk :D

Thank you for nice comments! I've been really shy about showing my silly pictures to anyone, but I'm glad I have started it now.

And Mike yes, this was made with oil pastels. I checked your pictures and liked them too!

arvindh said...

like your martian