Sunday, April 22, 2007

Polar - IF

This dude doesn't look too happy, but I would love to be in that scene.
I lived couple of years very close by the polar circle and now that I've moved away I miss the winters terribly. It is so great when you are dressed up like The Michelin Man, air is fresh and everything around is white, the only voice you hear is the sound that the frozen snow makes when you walk on top of it.
Winters were like that also in the Southern Finland not so long ago, but something has changed. There is hardly any snow now and the winter is just this dark, cold time that you have to endure somehow.

Here's a picture of my neighbour's car, taken when I still lived up North.

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Sycla said...

Such a tiny, tiny sun up there. :)

I also reminisce about long, cold, and especially snowy winters. Well done!